Brazilian Portuguese

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Português 1

Português 1 is ideal for those who want to start learning the language. In this module, students will learn how to communicate in day-to-day situations, and be introduced to basic vocabulary from varied lexical fields. Since the beginning, there are tips on Brazilian culture and habits, so as to equip students with the basic skills to interact with Brazilians more effectively.


Portuguese 1:
Introduction and greetings
Requesting and providing personal information and directions
Making invitations
Asking and telling the time
Restaurant language
Expressing preferences, desires and doubts
Making hotel reservations
Comparing – places and things
Describing your home and household activities
Expressing content or discontent
Making comparisons
Talking and asking about day-to-day activities
Talking and asking about past activities

If you are a beginner, you do not need to take the levelling test. Sign up right now for ‘Portuguese 1′. A course for those who want to start studying Portuguese or resume their Portuguese studies.

A ‘Certificate of Course Completion’ will be issued by IBEU on the completion of Portuguese 1.


The Program

The Portuguese for Foreigners course at Ibeu is perfect for those who wish not only to learn the language but also get a better grasp of Brazilian culture and lifestyle. Students will learn Portuguese and at the same time find out more about Brazilian people and their customs.

The course can be taken in different formats, including face-to-face classes, an online course or a combination of both, depending on students’ interests and availability.
For instance, for those coming to Brazil for a short period of time, why not combine a face-to-face with an online module? You can start studying online before actually coming to Brazil, and then continue in the classroom, afterwards. Or if you wish, he other way around.

The face-to-face course happens at our charming Ipanema branch, located a few blocks away from Ipanema beach and minutes from Copacabana. Classes are offered throughout the year. There are regular programmes, with classes twice a week, and an intensive course offered in January or in July.

Classes cover relevant current topics about Brazil, such as politics, economy, music and arts. Students will be able to pick up the language, and at the same time broaden their knowledge of the rich and fascinating Brazilian culture.
The online and face-to-face courses share the same characteristics, though in the online program students can study from wherever they are. Also, students learn at their own pace and rhythm, and can do the practice exercises online as many times as they wish. One of the course differentials is the possibility to access the content on any hand-held device, which makes it even easier for those who wish to learn the Portuguese language.

Ibeu also offers in-company classes, individually or in groups. In such case, the program can be customized according to students’ needs and interests, as well as to cater for the characteristics of the business.

Who is the course for?

The Portuguese for foreigners course is suitable for those wishing to learn Portuguese spoken in Brazil, and also find out more about the Brazilian culture and lifestyle. The programs are fit for both students and professionals.


In the online environment, learning takes place more independently and autonomously, and that differs from the classroom context in that students learn in their own pace and rhythm.

Personalized coaching

Students will be monitored by a personal coach throughout the entire course ‘Portuguese for Foreigners at Ibeu’. Therefore, students will have continuous access to individual assistance so as to clear doubts or make special requests, making the most of theirlearning experience. In the live, online conversation classes students will interact with other participants at the same level of Portuguese, and discuss current affairs and real life themes.

The groups consist of 5 students, enabling the teacher to closely monitor each participant’s progress and participation.















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