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Our online course ‘Portuguese for Foreigners’ includes material 100% designed for Internet use. The online tasks are interactive and designed to allow for plenty of opportunities to practice grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills. The cultural aspect is found throughout the course, and from the very start students will learn the language while getting in contact with the Brazilian culture.

Conversation classes are conducted live with one of our highly qualified teachers. Besides that, a professional tutor will monitor students’ progress throughout the entire course.
There are three modules, and each one lasts from 40 – 60 hours. On average, the program will be covered in 4 – 6 months, but that will depend on students’ pace. The password to the online platform will be available for a year, though, so as to give students more time to finish the course, if that is needed.

The courses

Portuguese for Foreigners is divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

During the course, students will learn how to:
- engage in personal conversations;
- understand reasonably complex conversations and perform specific communicative tasks;
- use reading strategies to understand reasonably complex reading material;
- make use of a variety of different reasoning skills;
- produce written material of a medium-level degree of difficulty;
- use a variety of verb tenses;
- use a variety of more complex structures and language patterns – orally and in writing;
- acknowledge certain aspects of Brazilian habits and customs such as greetings, eating habits, leisure, national holidays, folklore and current affairs.

If you are a beginner, you do not need to take the levelling test. Sign up right now for ‘Portuguese 1′, a course for those who want to start studying Portuguese or resume their Portuguese studies.

A Certificate of Course Completion will be issued by Ibeu on the completion of each course.

Personalized coaching

Students will be monitored by a personal coach throughout the entire course ‘Portuguese for Foreigners at Ibeu’. Therefore, students will have continuous access to individual assistance so as to clear doubts or make special requests, making the most of their learning experience.

Online conversation & one-to-one classes

The Portuguese for foreigners programs include online live conversation and one-to-one classes.

In the conversation classes, students will interact with other participants at the same level of Portuguese, and discuss current affairs and real life themes. The topics of each class are integrated with the courses contents. So, as students progress in the course, they will be able to practice and develop their oral skills by communicating with other students, and getting immediate feedback from the teacher who will always mediate the online classes. The groups consist of 5 students, enabling the teacher to closely monitor each participant’s progress and participation.

Besides conversation classes, we also offer one-to-one classes. These classes are tailor-made in order to meet specific needs. In this case, the content is customized, and the schedule is organized according to each student’s request. Students can take one or more one-to-one online classes, depending on their interest and availability.

The conversation classes are part and parcel of the courses, and once enrolled in one of the courses, students will have access to the timetable so as to book the class they want to attend. Classes are offered during the week on different days and times. For those who are only interested in practicing their oral skills, there is also the option of only taking conversation classes.

The one-to-one classes are not part of the courses and can only be taken on demand.



In the ‘Portuguese for foreigners online’, each module is divided into 12 units. At the beginning of each module, there is a pre-test which aims at informing students of their previous knowledge of the content they will be presented with later on. By doing the pre-test, students can then have more control of the linguistic aspects they will need to learn or develop, thus allotting more time for the ones which require more attention.

After the pre-test, students will then navigate through the unit, which is organized around a situation. Then, a number or tasks will follow, promoting opportunities for students to practice the linguistic items in different contexts and situations. Also, there are detailed explanations of grammar and vocabulary, so as to support the learning experience.

Another important characteristic of the course is the “cultural touch”. In each unit, students will have tips on the Brazilian culture and lifestyle, while for instance, developing reading or listening skills.

1) After completing the unit, there is always a quiz.

2) The purpose of the quiz is to keep students informed of their progress, thus aiding in the decision to go back and revise a certain item, if need be or if they so wish.

3) In short, the online course takes into account two important features of learning from a distance, which are autonomy and flexibility.















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