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It’s not necessary to take all modules; that will depend on your needs and availability. Portuguese 1 is for beginners and it’s not necessary to take the placement test. For Portuguese 2 & 3, we suggest you take the placement test before you enroll, so that you can join the most suitable module, according to your level of proficiency.


In each module, the program includes access to online instructional material (i.e. detailed linguistic explanations and varied tasks) and live conversation classes. So, once you have enrolled, you will have access to the live conversation classes timetable, where you will be able to practice and develop your oral skills.

We also offer individual classes, but those are extra and are not included in the basic package. The individual classes content can be customized according to specific needs, and students can schedule as many lessons as they need.



The face-to-face and online courses contents are equivalent. In both cases, there are three modules and students can combine the modes, as they wish. For instance, you can start studying from abroad, and then join the subsequent module in Rio de Janeiro, where the face-to-face classes are held. Or the other way round, if you wish.


Yes, classes are offered throughout the year. There are intensive programmes in January and in July, and regular programmes starting in March and in August. You can join the program any time, according to your availability.



Ibeu organized special programs for universities which wish to send students abroad to Brazil in order to learn the Portuguese language or get to know a little more about the Brazilian culture. These are called “Study abroad” programs, and can be tailor made for each group, according to the university requirements.
Also, we offer customized programs to companies, including online or face-to-face conversation classes or individual tutoring, based on the company’s field of interest.


Yes, the online course can be accessed from PCs and from any mobile device, including tablets.










Placement test

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