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Teaching staff

All teachers at Ibeu are experienced certified professionals. Constant in-service training programs are offered by our Academic Department in order to ensure professional development and growth.
Both in the face-to-face and online programs, teachers are in charge of implementing the courses, allowing room for students’ contributions. In this way, we promote personalized learning with emphasis on the learner.
In the online program, teachers actually play two roles. They conduct the online conversation classes and also work as tutors, following students’ progress, providing feedback and support accordingly.

Meet the staff:

Mabel Castro- Special operations manager
Hi! I’m Mabel, and I run the Special operations department at Ibeu, which includes the Portuguese for foreigners courses (online and face-to-face), and the English online course. This department is also involved with innovations at Ibeu, which means my job is quite challenging. However, I work with a qualified creative and highly motivated team, which makes our routine stimulating and cheerful. We work a lot, but we also have loads of fun.
Some of my personal interests are: reading, cinema and ballet. I used to dance when I was younger, and perhaps I will take that up again in the near future. I also like to spend time with my daughters and whenever we have time to spare, we travel to the coast to relax.
Jane Ferreira- Portuguese online courses secretary
Hi, I’m Jane. I work with Vania in the online operations at Ibeu. I help her schedule online conversation classes and also take care of all the administration that the courses require. The backstage, so to speak.
I have recently graduated in management, and intend to keep on studying, so as to develop in my career, thus assuming new responsibilities. In my free time, I like dancing and going out with my friends.
Lorena Figueiredo- Ipanema branch manager, responsible for the face-to-face courses
Hi, I’m Lorena. I run the Ipanema branch, where the Face-to-face Portuguese classes are held. The branch is quite charming, and is located in one of the best known areas in Rio de Janeiro. Besides Portugues, we also offer English classes at the Ipanema branch, for children, adolescents and adults.
I am married and have three daughters. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and also travelling.









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